Isn’t that ironic yesterday I ate some of the best twizzlers ever and today I found news that they will have a summer candy contest! Check out the sweet details and enter below.

No Purchase is necessary although when you enter the website it does ask for you UPC Label Number. Don’t worry, it’s easier than that. Visit the Twizzler Contest website and register has a user to receive a free entry to the contest. It will require that you enter your Name, Email and DOB.


Start Date: July 3rd 2010
End Date: September 30 2010


Grand Winner: $10,000.00 awarded in the form of a check or wire transfer

Winners will be chosen on October 11th 2010tw

Good luck!! And if you really want to make a purchase I would go ahead and buy those Sour Filled Twizzlers that I reviewed yesterday. They were AWESOME!