ufo-gummy-candy.jpgI’ve gotten stuck with work so I’m going to make this short. I actually just made a new category named “Eating Right Now”. I seriously eat candy everyday and because I’m in Europe right now there are all types of different brand names and types of candies that I should write about.

So that brings me to my first candy review in this section. Soon I think I’ll make some video reviews although, I’m not really into my voice.

Because I eat a lot of gummy candies, it should not surprise you that I’m writing a review now of a fruit gum brand name UFO (not unidentified flying object). The gummy candy is made in Germany.

The flavor taste more like wine gums but not as strong. they are in the shapes of fruits: orange, lemon, raspberry, pear, strawberry,

Honestly, they all taste the same so the shapes and food coloring are just for show. Anyway, I’m still eating them because they are eatable. The price I paid was really cheap around 0.60euros.

I can admit that I would buy them again but they aren’t my favorite.

Made by Mederer in Germany!